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Preparing for Funnel Hacking Live 2019 in Nashville
2018 is quickly winding down, and before you know it, 2019 will be here. That means, Funnel Hacking Live is just around the corner. If you haven’t yet, make sure you register for the February event and join thousands of other Funnel Hackers in the beautiful city of Nashville, Tennessee.
If you’ve already registered, it’s time to start prepping for the trip to Nashville. Consider this your guide for getting there as easily as possible and for what you do while you’re there.

Buying Plane Tickets

As Funnel Hacking Live 2019 approaches, you’ll want to get an early start on buying plane tickets and reserving hotel rooms. The closer we get to the big event, the more likely prices are going to rise, so buying them now is the smart move.
Of course, finding the cheapest plane tickets isn’t always easy to do. Prices always seem to fluctuate, but here are a few tips which can help you discover some great rates.
Incognito Searching. The cookies in your browser keep track of what you search for when it comes to plane tickets. If you’re continually searching a certain route, the cookies will make note of that, and ticket websites will automatically increase prices. To avoid this, make sure you search for flights while in a private browsing or incognito mode.
Budget Airlines. Some airlines exist to get you where you need to go on a budget. Some of the most well-known budget airlines include Frontier, Spirit Airlines, and Southwest, but there are many others to choose from. If you go with one of these airlines, you’re more likely to find cheaper tickets.
Flight Search Engines. You probably book most of your flights via a flight search engine. Some are better than others, however, particularly when it comes to prices. Use a flight search engine that offers cheaper prices. Some sites that fit this description include Skyscanner, Cheapoair,, and Momondo.

Packing Efficiently

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 takes place from February 19th – 23rd, so you’ll want to pack for almost a week-long stay. While it would be easy to pack a couple suitcases, that all adds up when you check-in for your flight. Here’s some advice on how to pack efficiently.
Plan Your Stay. Exactly how many days will you be staying in Nashville? What will you be doing each day? These are the types of questions you need to answer as you pack. This will help you plan for exactly how many pairs of clothes you need to pack, the accessories you need to bring, and more. Careful planning will eliminate any excess.

Fold and Roll. 

When it comes to stuffing your suitcase, you can fold or roll your clothes. Rolling will take up less space, but it can cause wrinkles, so use it for materials that resist wrinkles. Only fold those clothes that could get wrinkly if rolled up. And when you roll, make sure you roll the material up tight.
Weather Forecast. Before leaving, make sure to check the weather forecast. This can help you decide what you need to bring. It can be pretty chilly in Nashville in February, so keep that in mind. Check to see if it’s going to rain, if there’s a cold spell coming, or if a warm front may be on the way. All of these factors can affect what you pack.

A Guide to Nashville

Once you’re in Nashville, you’re going to want to know what you can do there. Take advantage of the trip to see all that this wonderful city has to offer.
Food Options. Nashville features a variety of great restaurants to choose from. Perhaps the most exclusive is Bastion, a restaurant that features a five-course meal but only 24 total seats, so reserve early if you can. Bastion is only for those ready to spend a lot on their food, but it’s gained national fame for a reason.
For something more budget-friendly, try Prince’s Hot Chicken. This restaurant’s claim to fame is the spicy chicken it offers, which really kicked off the hot chicken trend you see elsewhere. Eat there if you want something really spicy.

You can also try Pastaria Nashville for some tasty Italian fare. You’ll see your meal prepared right in front of you as you get a taste of some traditional Italian food with unique twists.
Other notable Nashville restaurants: Catbird Seat, Peninsula, Henrietta Red, Folk, Woolworth on 5th.
Entertainment Options. Nashville has the nickname Music City, so while in town, why not visit the Musicians Hall of Fame? The museum honors the musicians that have shaped the music scene for decades, from famous faces and bands like Jimi Hendrix, Peter Frampton, Toto, and Garth Brooks, to lesser known but still influential artists.
Nashville also features plenty of great walking tours. Find one that matches your tastes. You can choose from a variety of tours focused around things like Nashville history, music, food, and even ghosts.
Or maybe you’d like to catch a movie. You can do that at the Belcourt, which is the oldest movie theater in the city. It was built all the way back in the 1920s.
No trip to Nashville would be complete without a visit to the Grand Ole Opry. One of the most famous sites in the city, the Grand Ole Opry is host to one of the longest-running live radio shows in the country. You can get tickets to the actual show or take a tour of the place. Best of all, the Grand Ole Opry is right next to the Gaylord Opryland resort, where Funnel Hacking Live is taking place! You can even get started by booking your hotel room today.

Get Ready For Funnel Hacking Live 2019

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 will be an unforgettable experience. Look at this guide to plan ahead and prepare for a trip you’ll be talking about for many years to come. There’s still time to register and tickets are limited, so act fast. Head to the event and take advantage of all that Nashville has to offer.
Building Your Movement Starts Today!
Once upon a time, there were causes that we took up arms to be a part of. A nation was a matter of pride, a religion helped refine your personality and identity, and a community had roots. Causes were everywhere. Most people were born into a cause or movement. Today, in the digital age, the melting pot has brought us all together. People no longer identify with much of anything. It’s one of the reasons why tribalism is so huge right now in the political world. People are hungry for identification and being able to be part of something, anything! They’re so desperate that they’re becoming militant.
Movements help people find out who they are.
Whether it’s politics, religion, or a nation; people are hungry for finding out who they are. This is why movements are so important! People are looking for something new and exciting to revolutionize their lives. You’re not just selling them a product or a service. You have to get out of that mindset that you are just offering a commodity. It’s time to expand and change the way you’re thinking.
But, how do I do this with my business?
Well, I want to give you ten tips to help you start implementing a movement in your business today!
1.) Learn to Say “No”
One of the greatest skills you can have as an entrepreneur or business owner is to say no. Yes takes all the glory. “I said ‘yes’ to the perfect deal!” or “I said ‘yes’ to a million dollar client!” All of these are awesome, but the power of no saves you from getting blown out of the water.
I understand that it’s intimidating for you to think of the possibility of denying a customer of turning away potential money, but it’s worth it. This doesn’t start with you just telling people no. The practical application is thinking back to your most difficult customers and identify the red flags that should have alerted you. How did they make your life miserable?
Compile a list of things you want to avoid. Know the signs that you need to watch out for. And then, in the event that a lead arrives and looks beet red because of all the red lights going off in your head, you know what to say to them. Tell them no. Send them on their way politely. Weeding out miserable clients and customers is crucial for your sanity, because it paves the way for the next tip.

2.) Pick Your Team
I want you to think back to elementary school when you were out at recess in the early spring. Sun on your face, breeze in your hair, and the rubber kickball in your hands! Whether you were the last picked or if you were the first, you should be able to understand the process.
You want the best!
It’s now your time to pick your team. Take the time to do what Russell says and identify your dream client. Think back to DotComSecrets and how you need to develop your avatar. Who do you want in your movement? Who are the A players you’re looking for? What traits and ambitions do they have? Find these people and foster a relationship with them to build your team!

3.) Start Seeing Things Differently
You’re not selling rubber stamps. You’re selling a memory. Alison Prince told me that once and it was like a hammer hitting me in the head.
You have to start seeing things in relation to their true value.
A fork means nothing to me. It’s a hunk of metal. What does have value to me is my family. If someone is selling me a fork, appealing to my utilitarian mindset isn’t going to work. If I’m looking at a fork for utility, I’ll go with whatever is cheapest or easiest for me to acquire. However, if you bring up that this is the fork that my little girl is going to use while she’s eating chicken nuggets after daycare all the way up to the day that she graduates; the value changes. If this is the fork I’ll be eating my wife’s amazing apple pie with for the rest of my life; you’ve piqued my interest. If this is the fork that will be there with me Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner from this year through all of my years, then I’m in.
That dollar fork just became a part of my family’s story.
So how does that help your movement? Because you’re no longer selling a commodity, but a part of their lives. You need to invest in their lives with your product or service. If you’re a dentist, you’re helping them communicate and relate to people around them by giving them confidence. You’re changing their lives. Once you start investing, people start caring.

4.) Build Your Title of Liberty
In Expert Secrets, Russell talks about the Title of Liberty. I won’t go into the history here, but go back and read the chapter or get a hold of the book and read through it. The point of the section is that you need a declaration of who you are and identify the movement. Your Title of Liberty should define the difference between you and your competitors and why you’re different.
Sounds cool, if you’re starting a revolution… But how does a dentist use this?
That’s where the rubber meets the road. How are you different from the other dentists in your area?
If you’re investing in your audience, then it will be easy for you to help them identify with your Title of Liberty. By perfecting Tip 3, you’ll be able to have people rally to your movement. Your Title of Liberty is going to inspire them and foster a new identity inside of them. How is your business going to declare a new way of thinking, a new lifestyle, and an identity for your people.
It’s not easy, but nothing great is. But, I will tell you this: it is worth the effort.
Look at LadyBoss as the prime example. Crushing millions of dollars and thousands of clients within their movement, Kaelin Poulin has been one of ClickFunnels’ biggest success stories and is one of Russell Brunson’s prime examples. She took the time and energy to build out a manifesto for her community and it has resonated to the tune of millions of dollars in revenue. It’s worth the time.

5.) Build Your Manifesto
One of the coolest things that your Title of Liberty allows you to do is design a manifesto. Manifesto is kind of a dirty word, but you’re going to want to change that. You want your people to have a mantra that they can identify with. You need to articulate your Title of Liberty into something your movement can rally behind. All you have to create is something that your customers can repeat every morning or throughout their day.
Can you see how this isn’t impossible if you just think of your offer as a product or a service and not a lifestyle change?
But, with a lifestyle change, your movement can rally behind and remind themselves of that movement daily.

6.) Break the 4-Minute Mile
In Expert Secrets, Russell talks about the legendary Roger Bannister and how he broke the 4-minute mile, something that could never be done. In fact, it was considered impossible. And then, guess what? He freaking did it.
Once he did it, it opened the door for untold numbers of people crushing that record to the point that it’s now only remembered for Roger Bannister breaking it!
How cool is that?
You can do the same thing for your customers and clients. What is holding them back? What are they trying to accomplish that you have already accomplished? Whether it is write a novel a month, make a million dollars selling candles, or doubling your client list in two weeks; you’ve done something that others wish they could done.
Let people know that you’ve crushed that 4-Minute Mile! Let people know that someone else has done it, because that leads to them wanting to breaking it themselves!

7.) Help Your Movement Break their 4 Minute Mile
Once you’ve broken your 4-minute mile, it’s time to help them accomplish it. If you’re helping your customers and clients achieve the impossible, they’re going to become engaged and passionate about being part of your movement. You’re helping them do what they never thought was possible. You’re changing lives!
So, give them the tools and the value that they need to crush the goals they have. This is entirely offer based, but it’s vital that you know that. What you’re providing them need to push your movement forward. It needs to help them accomplish what you’re promising them. All of these factors work in tandem to help your movement actually move forward.
So, think back to what helped you.
What was the advice, knowledge, or tool that you needed to break your 4 Minute Mile. Most people just need to find the path they need to take. So many people are interested in just knowing how you did the impossible. Give people something that will help them climb the ladder that you climbed and they will rally to you. Not only are you giving them a cause, you’re giving them the tools to achieve the impossible.

8.) Celebrate their Victories
Russell Brunson is big about the 2 Comma Club that he has implemented for ClickFunnels. When he showed people how so many of his customers were using ClickFunnels to make over a million dollars in their sales funnels, it was enormous.
Now, there are 300+ members of the 2 Comma Club
Why has the 2 Comma Club exploded? Because Russell sends out a customized plaque and invites them to walk across the stage and shake Russell’s hand at the Funnel Hacking Live Event! Because there is now something tangible for people to strive for. Who cares if you make a million dollars? In fact, people probably won’t even believe you if you make a million dollars. But now, with the 2 Comma Club, ClickFunnels customers now have prove, given to them by Russell Brunson himself, to prove they’ve made their million dollars.
Find something that you can give your customers and clients to celebrate the goal you’ve set for them. What kind of trophy, certificate, plaque, or any other object can you offer to celebrate this milestone? Create your own award system that will help people get excited for what you’re doing and who will want to join in. This is going to help newer members of your community have goals to strive for. This just helps you elevate your movement through your value ladder a little bit easier.

9.) Be the Standard
This one might be a little hard for people to swallow, but it’s a necessary pill. You need to be a role model. The attractive character is so vital for your customer base and it is often so neglected. People are all about producing content and trying to build their following through social engagement, but people are not interested in you unless you are attractive to them. So what makes you attractive?
Doing what they wish they could.
While you are succeeding, document and share your victory. That is what builds your following. Once you have succeeded, having openness and transparency is vital to keeping people around. You are the living standard for your movement to follow. You need to start living the life you are trying to encourage them to live. Now, this is a big responsibility. It can scare some people. You have to start living your movement. You have to believe and commit.
But it’s worth it.
People will begin to identify with you more and more. They will want to emulate the good and learn from the bad, because you’re farther down the road from them. It’ll help you really build and solidify the movement as a whole.

10.) Give them a Place to Call Home
Whether you are creating a week long seminar, a weekend retreat, or just a Facebook page; give your movement a home to call their own. Every community and movement has to have a place that they can identify as safe territory. Not only do they want to express their ideas, but they want to meet the others out there that are just like them. They want to know who has had success and who is standing in the same spot they are.
You should definitely start with a group on Facebook or on the social media platform your choice. Give them a home to meet each other. This is going to build a community culture where you can offer a retreat to your movement. As the conversation grows, they’ll be more engaged and excited to be a part of your movement.
Keep the movement alive and keep pushing to build that ultimate community your business deserves!
5 Ways To Add Urgency And Scarcity Into Your Sales Funnels
Two of the single most important concepts in business are urgency and scarcity. How you interweave the two into your sales funnels might just make the difference between success and failure. Of course, you need to ensure you have a good hook, story and offer. But if you really want to exponentiate your results, you need to find ways to incorporate urgency and scarcity into your funnels.
However, you want to avoid fake urgency and fake scarcity. Most people know the difference. And by trying to trick or dupe your prospects, you’re not going to help your cause for increased sales and conversions. You’ll just end up wondering what’s wrong with your funnels and why they’re not converting. Alternatively, if you incorporate urgency and scarcity the right way, the sky really is the limit.
But before diving in headfirst, we need to define what urgency and scarcity really mean. At the end of the day, people often want what they can’t have, or possibly won’t be able to have in the near future. Think about this for a moment. When you see big giant sales flashing in store windows or online, aren’t you more compelled to buy? It’s the fear of missing out on that almost-too-good-to-be-true offer that spurs your desire to spend. That only happens through urgency and scarcity.
In the business world, there are many ways to incorporate urgency and scarcity into your sales funnels. However, at the end of the day, there are 5 that really count. Keep in mind that you’re not a brick-and-mortar store. Instead, you’re a virtual shop, enticing prospects to buy. It’s often an emotional response that solicits the purchase response, not a logical one. People don’t often buy what they need; they buy what they want in the moment.

What Is Urgency And Scarcity?

When a resource is scarce, it makes it more attractive in a prospect’s eyes. Think about diamonds for a moment. They’re a scarce resource and we all know that. Because of it, the price of diamonds are inherently high. However, when any other product is in short supply, the price often rises, along with the intimate desire to take action and purchase it. Think about an iPhone for example. When the quantities used to run out, there would be this clamor to buy on auction websites along with a rise in prices.
Scarcity, then, is simply the understanding that a product or service is in short supply or that it will become unavailable to purchase in the near future. That often solicits action on the part of prospects. They’re compelled to act when they know that whatever it is they’ve been contemplating buying is going to be unavailable in the very near future. Scarcity is a very big driver of sales, as long as it’s real scarcity and not an attempt to dupe prospects.

When you try to dupe prospects into thinking that something is scarce, you end up upsetting them more than you end up fueling sales. And that’s something you absolutely do not want to do. So be sure to bake things in the proper way. When you show that something is scarce because an offer is closing down or there are only so many spots left, ensure that it’s real and not just fake, because your audience can tell the difference.
Now, that’s not to say that you can’t incorporate a rotating or unique set of scarcity tactics that are cookie-based. You definitely can and you should. Just be sure that everything works properly and that you’re not promoting offers to your audience that you claimed to have shut down not too long ago without giving a valid reason for opening it back up again.
It’s clear that scarcity is important in any sales exchange. In fact, scarcity is so important that Robert Cialdini dubbed this as one of six pillars involved in our ability to influence. Why? Because, as supply drops, demand often rises. There’s a reason why people rush to grab something just before cart-close or before a sale is over or a deadline is almost reached. It’s within our innate human desire to have something we know we can’t have (or have at the same price) by a pre-defined deadline. It’s a major driver of action.
Now, when it comes to urgency, you often have more options. Urgency comes into play with things like countdown timers. When someone thinks that their time is about to expire to get involved in something, then the real magic happens. Urgency, then, is a perception of the amount of time someone has to complete something. If that urgency comes in the form of a countdown, then there’s a compelling reason to take action right away.

Understanding Consumer Psychology

Consumer psychology covers the underlying elements that impacts purchase decisions. This relates to things like emotions and colors and pricing strategies. Each of these components solicits a particular response from the prospect. Colors can induce buying patterns and strategic pricing can also impact sales. Essentially, consumer psychology is the analysis of why a person buys something, and the external stimuli that propels that behavior.
While there’s a lot to grasp here, understanding some of the underlying behavior that drives a prospect or lead to buy and to act fastest are the principles of urgency and scarcity. Those two forces are unmatched in consumer psychology. They will propel sales further and faster than any other strategy or tactic. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t understand the other components related to consumer psychology.
For example, one study discovered that the decoy effect, a pricing strategy that puts the middle-priced option very close to the highest-priced option, can quickly propel sales of the highest-priced option as opposed to either the middle-priced option or lowest-priced option. The sole purpose of the decoy is to effectively increase the sales of the targeted pricing option. It works by being a decoy, inducing sales of the desired option.
You’ve likely seen this pricing strategy on display at restaurants or movie theaters. Here’s how it works in a nutshell. Let’s just say that there are two pricing options for popcorn at a theater.
Small popcorn is $3.00
Large popcorn is $7.00

Decoy Effect Pricing (Before)

In this case, most people are going to go with the $3 option because of price sensitivity and that the price is far more reasonable. It makes sense, right? Why spend $7 on a large popcorn when you can get a small popcorn for $3. That’s more than double the price for the large from the small-sized popcorn. In this case, most people are going to opt for the less expensive option because it just makes more sense.
But what happens when you make a small addition by adding the decoy? What if you add a third option and price it at $6.50? How will that impact consumer behavior? If you watch the video, you’ll notice that most people turn to the small-sized popcorn before the third option is introduced. Once the third option was introduced (the decoy), the larger option became more appealing because it instantly became more valuable than the decoy. Thus, the target shifts to the higher-priced option.
Small popcorn is $3.00
Medium popcorn (decoy) is $6.50
Large popcorn is $7.00

The Decoy Effect (After)

Clearly, influencing a consumer’s behavior doesn’t just involve urgency and scarcity. This is one simple example of where a particular pricing strategy can largely impact behavior through the price-comparison model (aka the decoy effect). Next time you go to a restaurant, a movie theater, or even an ice cream shop, look out for this strategy.

Using Urgency And Scarcity

Considering that we can impact the consumer’s behavior with simple pricing strategies and get them to pick one option over another, we can also compel the consumer to act by using urgency and scarcity tactics. When it comes to the underlying mechanics of how a consumer behaves, urgency and scarcity are driving forces in getting that person to buy from you.
Now, that’s not to say that you can’t use other strategies when building your landing pages and funnels. You can. But those strategies simply set the stage while urgency and scarcity are like the final act. Sure, you should be using micro-commitments along the way and building rapport through a solid email sequence. Still, it’s urgency and scarcity that will seal the deal for you.
So let’s look at some ways that you can incorporate urgency and scarcity into your sales funnels, easily and effectively. While there are likely hundreds of small ways you can do this, the following 5 ways:

1. Use urgency words and phrases in your titles, headlines and text
Certain words compel people to act. That’s the urgency factor. However, you should follow up any urgency with instructions on how to act. Without that, you’ll negate the urgency in the prospect’s mind. For example, if you were to say ‘Hurry! Act Now!’ it should be followed by something like click here to sign up now before the deadline. When you follow up with instructions, say at the end of a sales letter or a long-form blog post, it solidifies the necessity to take action.
You can use other words. By using a word like instant, you create urgency by displaying how quickly a prospect gets access to something. You can use these in button text, headlines and titles on the page. For example, you could say ‘Get Free Instant Access’ on a button that invites prospects to check out a free PDF or checklist or cheat sheet or some other form of bait that you’re dangling in front of them.
Here are some other examples of urgency words and phrases:
Closing soon
Offer ends on …
Today only
Limited time offer
Don’t miss out
Price goes up on …

2. Use the loss aversion technique to induce pain
People have a tendency to act when they know they’re going to lose out on something. The truth is that people will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure. So, sometimes you have to flip the script by inducing that pain through the loss aversion technique. How does this work to create urgency? Well, you’ve likely seen it before. In fact, this works for both urgency and scarcity by compelling people to act.
Here’s how you invoke the loss aversion technique in your prospects’ eyes. You say something like: ‘This offer is toast in 24 hours’ meaning that the offer expires very soon if they don’t take action. You can frame almost any offer in terms of the fear of loss and making it risky. Robert Collier says that “When you want to inspire fear, be definite! Be specific!” In fact, this has been a powerful marketing technique since the 1930’s.
Here are some other examples of the loss aversion technique:
Your spot is reserved! Don’t miss your chance to learn!
Hot rental alert! We predict that this home will rent in 3 days!
Inventory running low! Buy now before supplies are gone!
Can you see how this instills a fear of loss in the prospect? You compel action when you know a prospect wants something, and you refine the marketing towards loss aversion. Combine this with countdown timers and re-targeting through Facebook pixels, and you could craft yourself a winner ad-offer combination.

3. Place and display limitations
Here’s the truth. When there’s plenty of something, no one wants it. When there are very few of those same things, everyone wants it. That’s the power of scarcity. People desire resources that are scarce, making them more expensive and sought after than anything available in abundance. Everyone knows that. But how can you use this to compel your prospects to act? You can do it by first placing and displaying a limitation on whatever it is that you’re offering.
For example, let’s just say you’re only accepting a certain number of people into a certain coaching program or group intensive or even a seminar. All you have to do is place a limit on the number of spots that are remaining. Let’s just say you’ve sold half the spots, you can then tweak your marketing to say ‘Only 6 spots left!’ You can also create both urgency and scarcity if you add something like ‘Hurry up and act now before all the spots are gone!’
Stores do this with inventory. You see it online all the time. Something like ‘Only 8 books left! Order before stocks run dry!’ Amazon and other online stores use this tactic all the time and combine it with countdown timers. You can also use the tactic of saying ‘Limit 2 per customer’, which invokes scarcity by stating that there are likely only limited quantities in stock of whatever product is being sold.

4. Use a deadline with a timer
Some of the best ways to induce both urgency and scarcity is to use a countdown timer and a deadline. That tells the prospect that the offer is ending very soon. This could be categorized as either urgency or scarcity depending on how it’s spun. However, at its essence, this is an urgency tactic when employing countdown timers. But it needs to be real urgency and not manufactured. If the offer is expiring, it really has to expire.
You can do this today on ClickFunnels very easily. You can also use different apps to do this as well. However, countdown timers are highly potent when they’re cookie based. That means that a person will see the offer actually expire and not reopen again, in terms of say an automated webinar. If you’re running a live cart, then you have to have an actual cart close if you want there to be some urgency invoking here.
Place the countdown timer somewhere very big and large in order to invoke that sense of urgency. Couple that with the proper text that helps to convey the right message and not look manufactured. It’s okay to reopen an offer at a later date as long as you actually close it down. This way, you don’t lose the trust of your prospects.

5. Create flash sales
Another great way to use urgency and scarcity in your sales funnels is to create flash sales. Flash sales are limited time sales for any product or service. It compels the prospect to act by knowing that a particular sale is only good for a very brief period. You have to do this the right way without looking too manufactured. If there was a good bit of demand for a product or service, and you know that a segment of your prospects are interested, marketing a flash sale to them makes sense.
However, if you’re manufacturing flash sales out of the blue to target cold traffic, it might not work as well. You also have to use precision when displaying the regular price versus the flash sale price. Add a countdown timer to the flash sale to give it more credence and display when that offer is actually going to expire on. Again, countdown timers are a fantastic way you can add a sense of urgency into any aspect of your sales funnels.

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